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Welcome to Alemachen CM Program Ethiopia

ALEMACHEN means “our world” in Amharic.

A place where disabled children recover, regain or improve their health, their mobility, and appearance, to claim their place in the world without physical restrictions.

ALEMACHEN is a convalescent home for disabled children. The word “convalescence” explains best the activities of the Home. i.e. a place where disabled children recover, regain or improve their health, their mobility and appearance in the widest sense, to claim their place in the world without physical restrictions.

Vincentian Fathers Ethiopia is Catholic Church Institute of Apostolic Society founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 1625 in France and known as Congregation of the Mission (CM). St. Vincent de Paul "Let us cherish the poor as our masters since Our Lord is in them and they are  in the Lord." Vincentian Fathers and Brothers of Ethiopia are working in Ethiopia since 1839.   The Province of Ethiopia is engaged for many years in holistic services of the poor. Our community specially dedicated to the poor with altered ways.  Among the many services, we are engaged in managing running five high schools and one deaf school. Among the five schools, Lazarist School in Addis Ababa has been the second oldest school in giving service over 91 years in the city of Addis Ababa.  Moreover, among the many holistic services we have deaf school in Ambo 120 kilometers from Addis Ababa.  Similarly, our Vincentian Community has been running Alemachen Convalescent Home for Disabled Children (Rehabilitation Centre) for 49 years.

In 1972 when there was famine in the infamous Wello-shelters a number of organizations came to the rescue. Amongst them, a Dutch NGO, named “Terre des Hommes”. This organization concentrated on children who were in need of medical treatment and were taken to hospitals in Addis Ababa. A reception center for these children was opened in the capital Children with all kinds of diseases and disabilities were admitted in the center and quite a number of them were sent abroad for treatment. In the course of time when the famine subsided concentration became more and more on children with facial, skin-and orthopedic disabilities. This reception center was named ALEMACHEN.

In 1999 when “Terre des Hommes” left Ethiopia they handed the buildings and the program over to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church of Ethiopia (ECS) asked the Vincentian Fathers (Lazarists) to take responsibility for the Alemachen CM Program.

  • Rev. Father Jack Ermers, CM  is one of the pioneers who served Alemachen CM program Ethiopia from 1972 - 2013 G.C. A Vincentian Father who worked for forty (40) years as a director of Alemachen CM program. Thank you for your awesome service to Alemachen.

  • Rev. Fr. Peter Jansen, CM served Alemachen CM Program Ethiopia from 2013 to 2015.
  • Miz. Diny Hoekstra Dooper and Mr. Derik kindly served as Volunteer Alemachen CM Program Ethiopia from 2008 to 2015.
  • Rev. Fr. Girmay Abraha, CM is currently serving as Alemachen CM program as director since 2015.
  •   Christmas Celebrations 2017 and 2018 at Daughters of Charity House (Sarbet)


  • Annual Visit  of His Eminence Cardinal Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel, CM

  • Visit from The Netherlands (Holland) Embassy His Excellency  Ambassador Mr. Bengt Van Loosdrecht & Mrs. Kitty van Heijden and Mrs. Odette Bosman & Mr. Niek Bosmans. Thank you for your generously visit and continues help to Alemachen Children. giving your money, skill, time. and we continue to count on your continues assistance for holistic service of Alemachen. from Alemachen Children and staff.

  •  Alemachen is privileged by the visit of British  Ambassador Her Excellency Ambassador Mrs. Susana Morehead by 2018 thank you for visit and help from the whole Alemachen Children and Staff. Special thank to Johanna Mostyn for your service as physiotherapy for Alemachen Children tirelessly for three years and for the connection you created with English Embassy and with Diplomatic Souses (MATRIX).